Moroccan Rose Petal Bath Mallow (Vegan)

Moroccan Rose Petal Bath Mallow (Vegan)

With a light, contemporary floral fragrance, this Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer has also been rolled by hand in finest quality Morrocan Rose Petals.


  • 100% Handmade in UK
  • Moisturising - Natural Ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
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    How To Use

    Drop your Bomb Cosmetics Bath Mallow into a warm bath and it will fizz softly, releasing its moisturising Cocoa and Shea Fruit Butters into the water to moisturise your skin. Our Bath Mallows also contain wonderful perfumes and essential oils to make your bath smell beautiful. Please ensure you wash any petals away from the bath after use to prevent accidental staining.